Corpus - Art, photography and black metal

A collaboration between Lisa Wallert, Morgan Norman, and Astrophobos

Corpus Exhibition Catalogue

The exhibition is open November 14th - 21st.
Opening hours 12:00 - 17:00.


Corpus is an interdisciplinary art project that has been in progress since 2019 and includes sculpture, photography and black metal. It explores the body in relation to death and impermanence. During the creative process, we have continuously shared our work with each other, exchanged ideas, inspired and been inspired. Astrophobos have written and recorded a full-length album, Lisa Wallert has created ceramic sculptures, and Morgan Norman has taken photographs that have been printed on metal – all of it dedicated to the project.

All of these works finally meet in a spatial installation in an old power plant in Gustavsberg, where we create our own dystopian world. In the exhibition we explore material and spatial processes that embody action, corporeality, presence, absence, life and death. There, different parallel processes become the same. There, our acting bodies, the bodies of the works and the bodies of the visitors become part of the continuation.

This project was realized with support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's project grant. The catalogue was designed and printed with support from Längmanska kulturfonden.

Lisa Wallert – sculpture

Morgan Norman – photography

Astrophobos – music and lyrics



Opening 13th of November 16:00 - 22:00

Panncentralen, Chamottevägen 5, 134 40 Gustavsberg
Bus 474 from Slussen to Vattenhjulet.
It will take around 20 minutes.



The exhibition is open by request between
November 14th - 21st.
Opening hours 12:00 - 17:00.

Book your visit:
+46 707 77 58 56